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Silk Body Scarf

Silk Body Scarf

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Our body scarf creates a sensory journey of awareness and discovery. 100% silk charmeuse caresses your skin with as much - or little - tension as you'd like. 

How you use Oh What Beauty silk scarves is up to you. Let your body whisper what it wants as you experiment with wrapping scarves around curves and bends. Use the minimal (and very strong) hardware to create wrap points where it suits you.


  • Gentle restraints are not recommended for suspension, restricting airflow around the neck or tight bondage.
  • Please be mindful of your/your partner’s ability to breathe with ease.



Brand Values

  • Women-Owned
  • Small Batch


100% Silk Charmeuse

Size Info

Measurements: 3" wide x 4 yards long (half body) or 8 yards long (full body)

Care Guide

Hand wash with a mild detergent or dish soap and hang to dry. Trim any loose threads with a scissors - do not pull, as silk is a very delicate material (hence the decadent feel).

To remove lubricant or other fluids, cover with talcum powder or baking soda and let sit overnight before washing.

Iron on silk setting to smooth wrinkles. Untying all knots before storage will help prevent wrinkles.

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