About Us

Oh What Beauty is a personal care company bringing empathy and delight to intimate exchanges and sensual exploration. As a woman-owned sex shop, we thoughtfully curate pleasure and care products from women-owned, small batch, eco-friendly and handmade companies across the globe. We offer a select collection of products chosen with both comfort and aesthetics in mind. From our luxurious silk restraints to unique porcelain dildos, we believe that pleasure and play should be accessible, inclusive, and beautiful.

Our collections are rooted in the wheel of the year and in tune with the transitions of the natural world around us, reflecting the emotional and psychological energy that comes with each month.

Our Oh What Beauty Gentle Restraint products are handcrafted in the USA to invigorate, soothe, and still. We offer an alternative to mainstream, masculine bondage. You won't find any black leather, chrome buckles, or hot pink furry handcuffs here (not that we don't enjoy those ourselves time to time).

Join us in celebrating the beauty and power of pleasure in quiet moments.

About Angie

Oh What Beauty was created by Angie Enger under the stars and the waxing gibbous moon the evening of January 1, 2023. While exploring what pleasure meant to me, I found myself turned off by the hyper-masculine, harsh products and media that surrounds restraint. I searched for a cozy corner of the internet where restraint combined with adoration and pleasure was made for the quiet and thoughtful, only to find...well, not much. Join me on this journey to create a sensual world that feels like a warm breeze, a gust of wind, and the tides pulling you along the seashore.