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Black Spruce Warming Body Oil

Black Spruce Warming Body Oil

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Black Spruce Needles + Ginger Roots + Helichrysum Flowers for overall integration, circulation, tone, and connection with body and soul.

A synergistic blend of nourishing oils to warm and integrate the physical body and enliven the senses. Deeply resinous & penetrating, this elixir has an equilibrating effect on the mind and body. Containing nutrient-rich seed oils, Black Spruce, and supporting essential oils of roots of Ginger and flowers of Helichrysum, this body oil is intended to be used for daily self-massage to enhance skin’s moisture and glow.


After bathing - when skin is most receptive - or whenever desired, rub in palms & massage oil generously and attentively on the body. Start at hands and feet and gradually move toward core. Use long strokes toward heart center for limbs and neck & circular stokes for joints.

Very Deep, Resinous, Warm, Radiant

100ml / 3. 33fl oz 



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  • Women-Owned
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