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burn. Skin-Softening Massage Oil Candle

burn. Skin-Softening Massage Oil Candle

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These hand-poured massage oil candles feature jojoba oil blended with scents developed with a master scent house in Brooklyn, NY.

Scent no. 1: Warming notes of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass, tonka bean, and Medjool date. 

Scent no. 2: Blended with bright notes of pink pepper, gurjun balsam, lemon California, and cedarwood Virginia.

Scent no. 3: Fresh notes of eucalyptus, sandalwood, cassis and Haitian vetiver

It can be poured on the skin once melted or simply used to infuse scent in the room. 100% cotton, lead-free wick Vegan Cruelty-free Phthalate-free Made with jojoba and soybean oils Low burning temperature Ultra-hydrating Hand-poured Manufactured in New York



Brand Values

  • Women-Owned
  • BIPOC-Owned


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Care Guide

Light the candle for 10–15 minutes to allow enough oil to form (and it’ll help set the mood). Once you blow out the candle, the melted oil is ready to use. Because it’s oil-based, the candle has a lower burning temperature and will be warm. You can either pour the oil directly onto the skin, or apply with your fingertips and massage it in. The light and silky texture will moisturize and absorb into the skin, and can be reapplied as desired.

To extinguish your candle, gently blow out the flame

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