The Budding of Ostara - OH WHAT BEAUTY

The Budding of Ostara


On a warm spring evening, Poppy wandered through her budding garden, the scents of dirt, moss and cool air surrounding her. The cool breezes prickled her skin and swept her skirt around her knees. She had picked the few blossomed flowers dotted across her yard with anticipation, knowing there would be more rising in the days ahead.

With her wildflower bundle beside her, Poppy sunk into the velvet chair in her bedroom, wrapped in a soft cotton blanket. As her mind stilled she noticed the delicious feeling of the silk skirt on her thighs, the cotton slowing warming her still chilled neck and the woozy buzz she felt from a day spent under the long-missed sun. Poppy reached into a small wicker basket beside her chair until she felt a familiar, smooth curve of silicone. She gasped as the Tulip Suction Toy made contact with her, and she quickly pressed the buttons to get to her favorite setting. Poppy's toes curled and her mind swirled with visions of flower buds bursting to life.


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