Celebrate the Imbolc Collection with Isadora - OH WHAT BEAUTY

Celebrate the Imbolc Collection with Isadora

As the snow began to melt, the sun warmed the earth, and the days grew longer, Isadora felt their body awakening. They had been waiting for this day to arrive, and they knew just how they wanted to celebrate.

With the hyacinth glass dildo in hand, Isadora made their way to the nest of down comforters and pillows they had created in front of their small cabin fireplace. Isadora lit candles and incense, and as dusk began to darken the trees outside their window Isadora settled in for an evening of pleasure. As Isadora slowly slid the smooth, cool dildo inside, Isadora closed their eyes and imagined the daffodil buds in their garden outside, grasping skyward through the cool dirt. The pleasure was deep and intense and they lost themself in visions of awakening vines and chilled morning dew atop the thawing earth. It was the perfect way to welcome the new season and the new beginnings it would bring.

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